Eyelash Extensions Course Sydney | Become A Pro Lash Artist

Its crazy that Eyelash Extensions have been in Sydney since,… oh ….something like 2007 or so….and you can still find 1 day training courses out there.

If you have seen a few eyelash disasters online or in real life, this could be why!

If you are new to beauty and have never had any experience in servicing a client, let alone applying Eyelash Extensions, or you may have a beauty background, then you know it takes a lot of patience and practise to learn such a new intricate skill, one that can be compared to the skills similar to that of a Microsurgeon.

Its insane to think that this skill can be learnt in one day….thats because you can’t!!!

If you are thinking of becoming a professional lash artist and making this something you want to specialise in, then let us take you through all the important essential elements you must know before taking on clients and getting your career off the ground.

Apply Eyelash Extensions Course is 5 days, YES, 5 days of total immersion into the world of Eyelash Extensions.

Here you will learn how to sit with a client, break the ice, build rapport and perform a custom design set of Classic Eyelash Extensions.

During the consultation you will study your clients eye shape using learned theory, select her custom lash design from 6 different Lash Designs optionsLash Fibres, Lash Curls, Lash Lengths, Lash Diameters.

Once your training wheels start coming off, we start coaching you on how to increase your speed to meet industry standard, so that you maximise your earning potential once you start working in the industry.

We will also teach you, what the market is doing, how to price your service, using tools we have developed to assist you create your very own Service Menu* (*Note On Campus Students only).


  • Course Hours | 27.5hrs
  • Theory Hours | 12.5hrs
  • Practical Hours | 15hrs
  • Work Experience | 5 Days


  • History of eyelashes extensions
  • Work heath and safety
  • Health and hygiene
  • Diseases and contraindications
  • Sanitation and disinfection
  • Equipment
  • Eye Shapes
  • Different Lash Fibres
  • Different Lash Curls
  • Different Lash Lengths
  • Different Lash Thickness
  • Advanced Eyelash Design Styles


  • How to setup your workstation
  • How to checkin and checkout your client in booking software
  • How to perform a Client Consultation
  • How to design custom classic full set with a client
  • How to prep client for full set application
  • How to apply classic full sets on approx 8x live clients
  • How to advise client on eyelash aftercare
  • How to update your clients details in booking software
  • How to perform an eyelash removal
  • How to perform an eyelash infill (Based on available models)
  • How to setup your Business & Marketing (On Campus class only)
  • How to workout your service priceless using our exclusives costing tools (On Campus class only)
We are a full equipped beauty college and therefore we provide 96% of everything you need to study here on our campus. You do not need to bring anything with you, except lunch, snacks, some models and extreme passion!

Your course includes all of the following:

  • Work folder with note paper
  • Student Portal Access
  • Pens, pencils and highlighters are provided
  • Theory lectures
  • Practical sessions
  • Industry Work Experience
  • Use of lockers to store your personal items
  • Use of a fully equipped workstation
  • Course kit (Fees apply) or you can bring your own kit, refer to Student Kits tab on what to bring
  • Some models provided
  • Lunchroom for you to have tea and coffee, fridge to keep your lunch, and microwave to heat your food
  • Certificate on successful completion of the course
  • Ongoing online and phone support
  • Access to the Facebook closed group ‘BDLI Student Lounge’
  • Career advice
  • Job search assistance
  • Unlimited return for additional practical sessions (Fees apply)
  • Unlimited return for additional business coaching sessions (Fees apply)
  • Access to convenient free parking
  • Not driving? Allawah train station is a stones throw away

Classic Eyelash Extensions Course Starter Kit*

Item Size Qty
BDLP Antibacterial Spray 200ml x1
BDLP Antibacterial Gel 200ml x1
BDLP Acetone Pump 150ml x1
BDLP Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover 200ml x1
BDLP Disposable Face Masks 1pk x1
BDLP Classic Tweezers x2
BDLP Scissors x1
BDLP Mascara Wands 25pk x1
BDLP Micro Wands 25pk x1
Eyelash Extensions Tape – Medical x1
Eyelash Extensions Tape – Micropore x1
USB Fan x1
BDLP Faux Mink Classic Lashes – Mixed J 0.15 x1
BDLP Faux Mink Classic Lashes – Mixed J 0.20 x1
BDLP Faux Mink Classic Lashes – Mixed B 0.15 x1
BDLP Faux Mink Classic Lashes – Mixed B 0.20 x1


Eyelash Extensions Kits Eyelash Extensions Kits
Eyelash Extensions Kits


*All kits are subject to stock availability and subject to change without notice.


There are no study prerequisites or need for previous beauty industry experience to do this course.

See our FAQ’s for more information.


58 reviews for Eyelash Extensions Course – Beginners

  1. Fern

    I am so happy to find the right school with my new career. I love technique how school have teaching.. I will be back soon for with new course..

  2. wanta Kongyod

    I love Paola , Heather and Jimmy , they are very friendly and helpful. I am very happy and Paola is helping me to grow my business and also beauty service. Thank you Paola and all Belldonlaqua team. I will recommend to everyone who is interested in the beauty courses.

  3. Rachel

    I never thought I’d be able to do eyelash extensions but with Paola’s guidance skills and expertise I’ve got the confidence to achieve perfection

  4. Mariam

    Eyelash extensions advanced course is great,I really enjoyed it and feel very confident thanks to Paola

  5. Longa-Lashes

    I can highly recommend the Advanced Eyelash Extension Short Course at BellDonLaqua Instituto, Marrickville.

    By attending this course you will have access to a highly skilled trainer; a relaxed and friendly learning environment; grounded theoretical knowledge; the latest in eyelash extension technology; recent & advanced lash application methods and techniques; business start-up, building & marketing ideas; and eyelash extension supply contacts.

    In addition, the course itself is based on adult experiential learning … you know, like you get to do the “real live” practice on the “real live” models and have your skills developed and corrected as you progress. What more can I say? …

    “Many Thanks, Paola” with my best regards, Ruth Morgan (Business Owner/Operator, Longa-Lashes, Five Dock)

  6. Shobna

    Another set of course completed… I enjoyed doing Eyelash Extensions and Paola made it very easy with her clear explanations and demonstrations…I will recommend this to interested personal…Thanks Paola

  7. Annie Giang Hoang

    Hi, Im Annie
    I am so happy when talikng to you guys that this is one of the most interesting and meaningful courses I have done.
    Good lecturer, good tips and all things did satisfy me particularly and my mates generally
    If you guys want to take any course related to beauty, come here and join it
    You guys, of course, will be never never get disappointed.
    Good lucks and cheers.

  8. Jenny Pham

    I highly recommend the Adv. Eyelash Extensions Short Course at BellDonLaqua Institution. A friendly environment and highly skilled training where you work on clients and practices like you’re working in a salon. Many Thanks,Paola…

  9. Drishtee Seepaul

    I’ve just completed the advanced eyelash extension and it was another great experience. Paola once again did a great job. She is an experienced teacher who not just only show you the theory and the procedures, she shows you how to be skilled in a practical manner. She always try to give tips and tricks to make you confident about what you’re doing. I completely enjoyed doing this course and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a passion for beauty.

  10. Tiara

    Great experience, great ‘one on one’ with clients and Paola is a great teacher. She taught me how to be confident with the material we used and how to liaise with clients. Her expertise and guidance has influence for me to start my own small business and I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge in beauty and eye lash extensions. I will definitely sign up for the advance class.

  11. Tiara

    Great experience
    Learnt everything I needed to increase my knowledge and experience.
    I personally wear single lashes however after seeing the results on my clients, I will definitely start using 2D/3D lashes.
    Paola taught us how to time management and how to have all paper work a prep ready for clients, by the end of the course, I was a lot more confident and experienced.
    Highly recommend this course to those wishing to expand their knowledge in eye lash extensions.

  12. Layal

    Loved every second of being here. Great practical experience and help at any time needed. I felt relaxed and comfortable at all times. With Paola’s one on one help I am now confident to do lash extensions on my own.

  13. Layal

    My favourite course. Loved every minute

  14. Mariana

    great course, highly recommend Paola and her school for those wanting to extend on their knowledge or simply wanting to get into the beauty industry.

  15. Samy (verified owner)

    Great course! Thanks Paola for patiently training me, I learned a lot and looking forward to my next courses! 🙂

  16. Samy (verified owner)

    I had a really good experience , I feel confident with all the learnings 🙂
    Thanks Paola

  17. Giulia

    Thanks Paola for training me and help me every time I need it. Good course

  18. Laya Tajeen

    Thanks Paola for training me and help me very time.

  19. Laya Tajeen

    Thanks Paola for training me. and help me very time.

  20. Bec Mayfield

    Wonderful class! Great teacher. I was supported every step of the way. I’ll keep coming back

  21. Josephine Marfia gebron

    Well what can I say I finally finished and completed both these amazing courses and I wouldn’t of done it without the main woman of this studio Paula , thank you so much she is the one to learn and experience what you want to achieve in your career..

  22. Klara martin

    I truly enjoyed Paola’s eyelash extension course. She is very thorough and provides very constructive feedback and support. We were able to practise on a lot of models, which gave us a lot of time to practise. I am really happy with the course and feel confident to start applying lashes on my own. Would gladly recommend to anyone! Thank you 🙂

  23. AkikoSasaki

    Great course! Paola is very knowledgeable ! She gave me right supports and a little push throughout the practical on models that gave me confidence to carry on. Thank you Paola.

  24. Pauline

    Miss Troisi!! What can i say? Thank you so much for your time and effort in helping me perfect my skills! You are a wonderful trainer and you are great at what you do!. I will definitely be coming back so I will see you soon x.

  25. Tania

    I just finished the eyelashes extension course with Paola and I really enjoyed! She is so professional, friendly and teach clearly. Really happy to have chosen this course! I definitely recommend it! Grazie Mille!

  26. Sonia

    It has been such a pleasant experience undergoing the eyelash extensions course with Paola. I would highly recommend her if you are after a change of field or want to up skill. She has been welcoming, helpful and has made me feel confident. Thank you Paola!

    Lashes By Ko.

  27. Corinne Johnson

    Cannot recommend Paola enough, such a pleasurable experience having a fantastic teacher by our side, couldn’t have hoped for more. Thanks Paola (a true diamond)
    Look forward to returning for future courses.

  28. Sylva Elias

    This was awesome !! Paola challenged us in all the right ways and her in depth knowledge of of the subject at hand was phenomenal. Paola guided us every step of the way providing us with both theory and a huge amount of practical experience. I’ll definitely be back for more of the student clinics and some more of the masterclasses. Thank you Paola xx

  29. Rachel Meers

    I really enjoyed my time at BellDonLaqua, Paola was very professional, knowledgeable and it is obvious that she has had many years of experience in the beauty industry. Doing as much practical as we did really made me confident in what I was learning, I am leaving today feeling 100% confident with what ill be doing on my clients. I also loved the size of the classes, I felt like I was given a great amount of help and attention through the masterclass. I can’t wait to come back again in the near future! Thank you so much Paola x

  30. Michele Dowe

    great course, lots to cover. very enjoyable. Thanks Paula

  31. Nateesha Barlin

    Such a great course, learnt everything I need to know to open my own business and have a successful career in eyelash extensions highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the art of eyelash extensions !

  32. Nateesha Barlin

    Such a great course, learnt everything I need to know to open my own business and have a successful career in eyelash extensions highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the art of eyelash extensions !

  33. Jessica

    Super informative. And plenty of clients to practice on. I highly recommend a lot of sleep and coffee, and being organised from the beginning of the week. Feeling some goals have been achieved 🙂

  34. Liv Slee

    When looking for information on Eyelash Extension Training I found BellDonLaqua and was instantly drawn to their six day training course as it was one of the few courses that were more than just a short course or a one day workshop. I’m so glad I studied here! Loads of support, tips and tricks from the trainer and a very friendly environment. I’m already taking paid clients and getting so many compliments on my work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BellDonLaqua to anyone wanting training in the beauty industry.

  35. Hana

    Big thanks to Paola for making everything so much easier. Great course, great environment. Highly recommend!!!

  36. Lana Al Qare

    Paola was an absolute pleasure to learn from. She is hands on with her teaching skills and I’m looking forward to doing courses in the future with her.

  37. Katy

    I loved the eyelash extensions course! Perfect amount of theory and practical sessions. My neck is aching from the practicals but I want to do more! Will definitely sign up for the volume and other courses. Paola is an amazing teacher.

  38. Nahibe

    I love taking this class. Paula was very clear in all we learn. I highly recommended

  39. Sabrina

    Amazing!! Great training and theory, I did both volume and classic and I’m walking away very confident and happy. Will defiantly be back for more training course’s.

  40. Nina Ishak

    My classic eyelash learning experience was outstanding at Beldonlaqua! Great facility, resources and coaching by Paola! Definetly would recommend this course to anyone interested in eyelash extensions!

  41. Qi Ling Guo

    Great course , Lots of practical for you to practice and enhance your skills.
    Thanks again to Paola for her time and patience with teaching us

  42. Katie

    Paula has been great during this course, extremely helpful and supportive, always guiding and willing to help no matter what it is. Her knowledge and experience is amazing and I wouldn’t choose any other beauty school now that I’ve been here.

  43. Lucy Wood

    I learned so much more in this course than you ever could from a one day eyelash course. Paola is an excellent teacher, and I also got so much practical training which really improved my skills and made me feel super confident! Definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn lash art!

  44. Elara Van de Haar

    I learnt much more then I expected, and are now confident and very familiar with all aspects of the course. Paola tought very thorough and made everything easy to understand. Defiantly wouldn’t chose any other beauty school.

  45. Yasmin Sheean

    What a great course! I enjoyed this course so much.
    I recommend studying here for all your beauty courses.

  46. Raquel Esta

    I highly recommend anyone interested studying beauty to come along to BellDonLaqua Istituto. The minute you walk through the door you know that you’ve come to the right place. Style, elegance, and education all under one roof.
    The experience that Paola has and the work ethic is above and beyond. I feel confident and ready to start my new business as soon as I walk out the door.

    Thank you so much and I will be back from more training in the near future. 🙂

  47. Sara sellwood

    Great 5 full day course from A to Z in eyelash extension application. Loads of theory and practical. Paola ensures you have the right technique and the tools for opening your own business. You will walk away from this course very confident in all aspects of the art of eyelash extension.

  48. Feri Limento

    I did 5 days applying eyelash extension, the course so intense and within two days I have confident to applying the eyelash extension. Paola teach us very good she is so experience in this beauty industry. Highly recommended

  49. Marina Chiellini

    I have never been so beyond satisfied with any training facility i have been to. Paola is the greatest mentor you will ever find. I am so inspired to start my business and knowing i have had the correct training and education i can confidently move forward into the beauty industry. The experience, knowledge and professionalism i experienced here this week i will definitely be returning for future courses and not looking elsewhere no doubt about that! Loved my week here!!

  50. Claudia

    This Course was great, not only did I learn skills, tips, legislations in relation to eyelash extensions but I also had lots of fun. Good and friendly staff and teacher, they help you and teach you many techniques and skills onorder to apply extensions. Had so much fun learning about the different types of curls and styles of lashes

  51. Lauren

    This course is great for people wanting a career in eyelash extensions. The 5 days really helped me to complete this. Paola is a great teacher who is great at helping you to be confident and grow into a professional eyelash extension technician.

  52. Kristina

    Paola was a great teacher, I’m glad I chose to do eyelash extensions with her. I will definitely be booking more courses at her college.

  53. rebecca allen

    I’m very happy with this course, and Paola was fantastic. i highly recommend this college to everyone. Ill definitely be back to do more courses

  54. [email protected]

    I did 2 course before but I don’t confident to work before it was only 1 and 2 days course. Now when I finished training here. I’m confident to start work now. highly recommended.

  55. Sherilyn Foat

    Paola was fabulous! i learnt so much in this course and the amount of practical was amazing. i feel so confidant in applying eyelash extensions now and thanks to Paola i am ready to start my business! i would recommend this course to anyone who is trying to pursue a career in eyelash extensions.

  56. Emilia

    Very thorough information provided throughout the course. I feel confident in beginning my own business now

  57. Sarah

    Best eyelash extensions collage, so well taught by an amazing teacher. A full week of information and work experience on real life models. Best experience

  58. Lauren

    Paula runs an amazing college. I took the 5 day eyelash extension course and went from no skill to actually being proud of my work. She’s an amazing teacher with tons of industry experience.
    She gets 5 stars from me!

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Eyelash Extensions Course – Beginners

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