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So you have conquered the 60 minute maintenance facial, but your clients are hungry for more, more results in fact, and now you have to deliver!

So lets take your magic hands and give them access to more tools, where you can create more corrective result driven facial treatments, that will solve many common skin conditions your clients are experiencing.

Now we start introducing you to Treatment Plans.  This will allow you to come up with a Treatment Program for your clients to follow, that will help treat common skin conditions such as Dehydration, Pigmentation, Fine Lines, Wrinkles and more, using advanced techniques and equipment.

In 2020 we have also introduced how to incorporate Facial Ice Globes, Suction Cupping, Rose Quartz Face Rolling, Gua Sha and LED into your facials.

With this Corrective Facial Treatments course you will be able to customise and create over 20 different new facials designs, now thats exciting and the opportunities are huge!!


  • Course Hours | 55hrs
  • Theory Hours | 25hrs
  • Practical Hours | 30hrs


  • Concepts of electricity
  • Contraindications
  • Galvanic
  • High Frequency
  • Microcurrent
  • Ultrasonic


  • How to setup your workstation
  • How to check in & check out your client in booking software
  • How to perform a Client Consultation
  • How to develop a Client Treatment Plan
  • How to conduct a skin analysis
  • How to perform a customised facial to treat clients skin condition
  • How to perform a skin resurfacing treatment using a frimator brush
  • How to perform a skin resurfacing treatment using a ultrasonic scrubber
  • How to perform a facial massage using facial ice globes
  • How to perform a facial massage using suction cupping
  • How to perform a facial massage using rose quartz face roller
  • How to perform a facial massage using gum sha techniques
  • How to perform a skin infusion treatment using a rubber mask (Jelly Mask)
  • How to perform a skin infusion treatment using ultrasonic infusion
  • How to perform a skin infusion treatment using an ampule
  • How to perform a skin infusion treatment using a collagen mask
  • How to perform a skin infusion treatment using oxygen
  • How to perform a high frequency treatment
  • How to perform a microcurrent treatment
  • How to apply LED during a facial treatment
  • How to apply hydrators according to skin type and condition
  • How to advise client on skincare
  • How to update your clients details in booking software
We are a full equipped beauty college and therefore we provide 96% of everything you need to study here on our campus. You do not need to bring anything with you, except lunch, snacks, some models and extreme passion!

Your course includes all of the following:

  • Work folder with textbook and note paper
  • Pens, pencils and highlighters are provided
  • Theory lectures
  • Practical sessions
  • Use of a fully equipped workstation with tools, equipment and materials provided
  • Course kit (Fees apply) or you can bring your own kit, refer to Student Kits tab on what to bring
  • Some models provided
  • Lunchroom for you to have tea and coffee, fridge to keep your lunch, and microwave to heat your food
  • Certificate on successful completion of the course
  • Ongoing online and phone support
  • Access to the Facebook closed group ‘BDLI Student Lounge’
  • Career advice
  • Job search assistance
  • Unlimited return for additional practical sessions (Fees apply)
  • Unlimited return for additional business coaching sessions (Fees apply)
  • Access to convenient free parking
  • Not driving? Allawah train station is a stones throw away

BDLP Facial Starter Kit – $997*

Item Size Qty
BDLP Antibacterial Spray 200ml x1
BDLP Disposable Masks 10pk x1
BDLP Makeup Remover 200ml x1
BDLP Luxe Restoring Oil 200ml x1
BDLP Cleanser 200ml x4
BDLP Exfoliant 200ml x4
BDLP Toner 200ml x4
BDLP Mask x4
BDLP Eye Cream 50ml x1
BDLP Serum 50ml x1
BDLP Moisturiser 200ml x4

The cosmeceutical products above are for Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin and Mature Skin types.

*All kits are subject to stock availability and subject to change without notice.


In order to receive the best possible level of education, to participate in this course, it is required that you complete the 5 day Provide facial treatments and skincare recommendations course or equivalent, so that you can feel comfortable and keep up in the class practical sessions and graduate with a professional level of skill.

See our FAQ’s for more information.


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  1. Chams

    My first course with Paola was an amazing experience. She accelerated my knowledge really fast and gave me the confidence to start working with clients straight away.

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Provide Specialised Facial Treatments

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So you know how to perform a super relaxing, cloud nine facial.

But know you want to take it to the next level, clients want results and know you have to deliver!

What to do next?

Answer, specialised corrective results driven facial treatments!


Course Student Kit *

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