1. In cases where your enrolment is made directly through the BellDonLaqua Istituto Administration Office and the full course enrolment fee is not paid upfront, a $197 non-refundable deposit must be made to confirm your position within the class, plus an additional $27 Manual Enrolment Fee applies. The end of trading on the Monday before the class commences the balance of the course fees and your course kit must be received.
  1. If you choose to enrol and pay via installments using DebitSuccess, additional charges apply. Further charges are set by third party agency, DebitSuccess.  BellDonLaqua Istituto (BDLI) does not take responsibility for additional fees and penalties incurred through DebitSuccess.
  2. Your enrolment application must be submitted along with your deposit, or full course fee, and/or DebitSuccess Application Form.
  3. When completing the DebitSuccess Application Form, you acknowledge and agree to BellDonLaqua Istituto’s the terms and conditions of enrolment.
  4. BellDonLaqua Istituto reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions at any time. If you have objections to the terms and conditions, you should not enrol into the course programs at BellDonLaqua Istituto Beauty College.
  5. BellDonLaqua Istituto reserves the right to postpone or reschedule classes where necessary.
  6. Participants are required to disclose any illness or disability that may require additional support.
  7. To receive your course certificate, students must:
  • complete the required hours outlined in the course guide/website
  • all practical logbooks must be fully completed, signed by the trainer and submitted
  • all course fees, paid directly to BellDonLaqua Istituto or via DebitSuccess and any other additional outstanding amounts, must be paid in full.
  1. In cases where you are not able to attend a class due to illness (Doctors note required), late to class by more than 15 minutes or other matters, you must make arrangements to sit in on the next available class and pay a fee of $97 for each day missed, as this takes the seat of another paying student.
  2. Students who wish to study any course, which is outside of the scheduled training calendar, may do so, subject to availability. An additional fee of $97 is added for such classes.  Full payment is required up front and strictly non-refundable, due to additional preparations made to accommodate the custom class.
  3. All students who elect to study an evening class will need to add $97 to the cost of the course outlined on the website or course fee schedule.
  4. Refunds are not issued under any circumstances due to change of mind or other circumstances once you have either enrolled, and/or paid and/or confirmed into a course.
  5. Course cancelations made via phone, text or email 14 days prior to the course start date may be rescheduled or transferred to another future class one time only for the next available course date, subject to available spaces and incurs a $97 Administration Fee.
  6. Refunds are not given on textbooks.
  7. All enrolments made within 2 weeks of the course commencement date are required to bring their own models to the class practical session in the case BDLI cannot provide models due to the late enrolment notice.
  8. Any concerns or complaints must be submitted immediately in writing.
  9. Applicants must be aged 16 or over, unless authorized in writing by a parent or guardian.
  10. Any breakages or damages incurred to product, linen or equipment during the course must be paid for.
  11. Photography and video is often used within the beauty college for social media and marketing purposes, if students do not wish to be included in the images please notify your trainer.




By selecting to enrol in to a training program at BellDonLaqua Istituto Beauty College, you declare that you have read, agree and abide by the above terms and conditions of enrolment:

  • The information you have provided in this enrolment application is true and correct.
  • You understand that the training programs delivered by BellDonLaqua Istituto beauty college are considered industry training and although BDLI follow the units of competency set guidelines, you understand that BellDonLaqua Istituto is not a registered training organization (RTO).
  • You understand that all training undertaken at BellDonLaqua Istituto is with intention to apply for RPL with an RTO who may issue an accredited certificate.
  • You have the financial capacity to meet all your course fees and agree to pay all fees as they become due. You understand further action maybe taken in failure to do s
  • If you instruct an agent at BDLI to complete your course application on your behalf, you do so on the basis that the agent is acting for you and it remains your responsibility to read the terms and conditions of enrolment.
  • You authorise the BDLI to verify the authenticity of your academic/professional qualifications and your work experience and you understand BDLI may inform other organisations or regulatory agencies if any of the information in your application is not accurate.
  • You understand that there will be no refund of you course fees once you have completed you course.
  • You understand that you have decided to do this training, and that it is an adult learning environment. In order to get the best possible outcome for your education, you will take full responsibility for your learning; you will apply full participation by meeting all requirements listed above and in class.