Welcome to the BellDonLaqua Istituto’s (BDLI) Beauty Salon, where you can enjoy full service beauty treatments on a Budget! The Beauty Salon is a simulated salon environment, operated and run by our student beauty therapists, who are studying for their Beauty Therapy Qualification. Here these students have an opportunity to develop and practice new skills on live clients (Models) from the general public. This valuable hands-on experience is put towards gaining their course certificate and helps them transition into the workforce. At all times these students are supervised by highly qualified educators, whilst you receive your treatment. The Student Beauty Salon is an important part of the students education and learning experience, and we very much appreciate your support in providing them with a relaxing, calm and peaceful environment whilst you get to enjoy your beauty treatment.



The list below reflects the cost of treatments performed in-class. For treatments performed in Student Clinic add $5*. *Excludes Skin Needling. Please read our T&C’s below before making an appointment.


Full Body Wax – 60min (Roll-on Wax) $15
Full Body Wax – 60min (Strip Wax) $20
Brazilian Wax – 30min $10


HD Brow Couture – 45min $10
Eyelash Tint $10
Eyelash Perm, Lift + Tint – 45min $15


Classic Manicure $15
Lux Manicure + Paraffin $20
Classic Pedicure $15
Lux Pedicure + Paraffin $20
Acrylic Nails w/ Forms $15
Acrylic Nails w/ Tips $20
Gel Nails – w/ Forms $15
Gel Nails – w/ Tips $20


Eyelash Extensions – Classic – 75min $15
Eyelash Extensions – Volume – 75min $25
Eyelash Extensions – Hybrid – 75min $30
Lash Removal – 15min $15


Lux Facial – 75min $20
Advanced Lux Facial – 90min $25


Medical Grade Microdermabrasion – 60min $25
Medical Grade Chemical Peel – 60min $25
Medical Grade Skin Needling – Face – 90min $90
Medical Grade Skin Needling Face & Neck – 90min $120



Firm + Lift – Face – 45min $45
Firm + Lift – Neck – 30min $30
Firm + Lift –  Decolletage – 30min $30
Firm + Lift – Face + Neck – 45min $45
Firm + Lift – Face + Neck + Décolletage $50


Body Massage – 60min $15
Aromatherapy Body Massage – 60min $20
Body Scrub – 45min $25
Body Scrub + Firming Mud Wrap – 60min $45
Body Scrub + Slimming Mud Wrap – 60min $50


Arms – 60min $60
Bottom – 45min $45
Brazilian Butt Lift – 60min $60
Stomach – 45min $45
Front Thighs – 60min $60
Back Thighs – 60min $60
Shoulder Blade – 45min $45


Spray Tan – 20min  $10


Makeup $10
Strip Lashes $5


T’s & C’s


At BDLI we divide our training into 2 parts, ‘In-Class’ practical sessions, which are beauty treatments performed during the week in class, and then we have ‘Student Clinic’ practical sessions, which are beauty treatments performed on Saturdays and Sundays in our simulated Beauty Salon. At BDLI, we teach one beauty treatment subject per week, therefore the availability of beauty treatments is subject to our scheduled training calendar. For your convenience, we send out regular text message notifications to announce what class sessions are coming up, or you have the option of joining our Facebook Group – ‘BDLI Models Lounge’ or Instagram – ‘BDLI Models Lounge’ for regular updates. For Friday and Saturday Student Clinic practical sessions, you can choose whichever beauty treatment you like, providing we have a student available who has completed studies in that treatment.


Your participation is an important element for the student’s to receive quality education and passing their practical assessments as set by the governments study requirements. We kindly ask that all bookings made in our Beauty Salon, either In-Class practical sessions or Student Clinic sessions, are prepaid in advanced to ensure your genuine commitment to your booking. By doing this, it means that we have reserved that time-slot just for you. To cancel or reschedule, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to find a replacement for your time-slot, less than 48 hours notice means you forfeit your prepayment as this greatly impacts our students meeting their training requirements. This also applies to no-shows. On occasion we may offer Free Treatment promotions, please note that a credit card is still required to make the booking and will be charged the original appointment value, plus credit card fee, if you do not show or cancel with in 48 hours of your appointment. To assist our administration team, we kindly ask that you keep multiple appointment reschedules and cancelations to a minimum as this greatly impacts our efficiency and takes away from our students learning experience.


Please arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment, this allows for the student to collect important information needed to complete her consultation with you. We kindly ask that you turn off your mobile upon arrival, and whisper at all times to allow for other guests to relax during their treatment. As students are new and still learning their new skills, you may experience a little wait time in some cases.  As this is a learning environment, we are not allowed to pressure or push the students to work faster, we kindly ask that you consider your schedule requirements before making an appointment.


Before making your appointment, please advise us of any medical conditions or medications as this may effect you receiving the treatment.  This includes, but not limited, to pregnancy, recent Botox, fillers, aggressive beauty or lazer treatment, strong active skincare, which includes Retinol or oral medication which can effect the skin, such as Roaccutane, fungal infections, pacemaker, epilepsy, recent surgery, cancer treatment or skin cancer removal. If you have are booking in for Fat Cavitation or Skin Tightening, please ensure you are not wearing any metal on your body, including piercings, no pacemaker, metal pins or screws in your body, epilepsy or recent surgery or cancer treatment. Please note – there are no refunds on pre-payment should the student or trainer find she can not proceed with the treatment due to any condition present.


Unfortunately due to workplace safety restrictions, children are not permitted on the college premises at anytime.


Jewellery and other personal items will need to be removed and put away.  We accept no liability for lost items and suggest you leave your items at home, in your bag or in your car.  If we can identify who the items belong to, we will endeavour to contact you and arrange for the safe return of your belongings, if not, we will donate the items to charity after 7 days.


Unfortunately BDLI does not issue refunds under any circumstances.  When making an appointment you acknowledge that this is a beauty college, where students are learning and therefore your treatment may not be as expected or to the level or standard of a retail beauty salon/spa and release BDLI from any responsibility should anything go wrong.


In order to book an appointment and have a beauty treatment, it is a requirement that you are over the age of 18.  If not, a written letter of consent from a parent or guardian is required.

Treatment Aftercare

Eyelash Extensions:

-Don’t wet for 24hours

-No Sauna, No Swimming, No Crying, No Pulling, No Picking, No Rubbing, No Waterproof Mascara, No Oil Based Products around lash glue.

-Must brush and clean lashes every day with oil free eye makeup remover.  We stock product if you need it as it is not easy to find in departments stores.


Please read the T&Cs below, before booking an appointment.  Availability is subject to Course Calendar